Above-ground storage tanks

Full service international tank contractor

We specialise in the reliable and efficient on-site construction of large above-ground storage tanks and related pipelines. We provide services for all phases of the tank’s life cycle, from design and manufacturing to maintenance and service.

The quality of our operations is based on certified quality management systems:
we have certified ISO 9001 and ISO 3834–2 quality management systems in place, which also cover the requirements of EN 13445 and EN 729-2. Our quality system also takes into account the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.
Whether it’s carbon steel, duplex steel, titanium, austenitic steel or other steel qualities, we produce tanks for all needs. The company is known as the best welding supplier in the field.

Forssa Engineering – services

All services related to tank contracts

Tank contracts as a turnkey service

We always design the tanks according to the customer's starting points. Our experts choose the right materials and welding methods. Experienced work and project supervision also takes care of logistics planning and project scheduling, as well as the necessary permits. All our deliveries are made in accordance with the legislation and applicable standards of the destination country, including documentation and inspections.

Steel structures and pipelines of tanks

We professionally implement all the necessary steel structures related to the construction of the storage tanks we contract and the related pipelines. All our welders have a welder's qualification according to SFS-EN 9606-1.

Process equipment and pressure vessels with installations

We implement the process equipment and pressure vessels needed for the tanks as needed. We have more than three decades of experience in equipment and machine installations. We do the installations safely and guarantee a high-quality end result. We also obtain the necessary third-party approvals for tank equipment installations.

Maintenance and service of old tanks

Our services extend to the entire life cycle of the tank. We carry out various modifications and modernisations as well as renovations and repairs to existing tanks. As our customer, you can order maintenance and service for our products and installations.

forssa engineering

This is how we proceed with cooperation

1. Request for offer
2. Evaluation and offer
3. Technical negotiations
4. Commercial negotiations
5. Audits as needed
6. Implementation on a turnkey basis